[Coral-List] Registration cost for 12th ICRS

Richard Dunne RichardPDunne at aol.com
Thu Jul 21 07:16:13 EDT 2011

Thanks to Peter for these incisive words.

The "coral reef science community" thrives, alas the President and 
Council of ISRS do not. When did members last hear from the President? 
When did they last receive a copy of 'Reef Encounter'? What has happened 
since the 11th ICRS? Are there to be any 2011 ISRS Graduate Fellowships? 
Will there be a Darwin Medal awarded at the 2012 ICRS - if so when will 
there be a call for nominations? ISRS please awake from your slumbers.

Thankfully, the journal 'Coral Reefs'; is the one shining light in all 
of this fog. Under the continued editorship of Rolf Bak and Betsy 
Gladfelter it now ranks 3rd in its class with an Impact Factor of 3.78. 
It has never been so high in its 20 year history.

Richard P Dunne

On 20/07/2011 22:36, Peter Sale wrote:
> Not bad at all.  It only took a bit over a week for the organizers of
> ICRS12 to respond to the thread of queries about the registration charges
> for next year's meeting.  Intriguing though that neither the Conference
> Convenor nor the President of ISRS appeared able to communicate with the
> list directly.  Instead David Yellowlees had to combine and then forward
> their responses.  I wonder what that means?
> Re the content of their explanation:  Budgets get built; they do not arise
> out of thin air.  Apparently, those doing the budget building felt that a
> fee of AUD $940 (the early-bird rate for ISRS members) was appropriate. It
> was not.
> What has happened to the coral reef science community?
> Peter Sale
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