[Coral-List] Volunteer needed in Heron Island (Catalina Reyes-Nivia)

Catalina Reyes macatarn at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 20:46:30 EDT 2011

Hi everybody
I am looking for an enthusiastic and hard working volunteer to help me out with 
my experiment at Heron Island Research Station. The dates are from 3/10/2011 
until 31/11/2011. There is not much flexibility on dates mainly at the end of 
the period.
I am going to look at the effects of climate change conditions on coralline 
algae. The activities of the volunteer will include daily outdoor tasks such as 
aquarium maintenance, seawater parameters monitoring etc but also lab work 
involving alkalinity analyses, microscope work etc. As a volunteer, all your 
expenses will be covered (including travel from Brisbane, accommodation, and 
internet), apart from the cost of food, travel from overseas and accommodation 
in Brisbane (if necessary).
Requirements: BSc or MSc in biology or a related field. Candidate should be 
physically fit, comfortable working in the water, fluent in English, and have 
good communication skills. First aid training would be ideal but not compulsory.
If you are committed to work long days while enjoying one of the most beautiful 
islands of the Great Barrier Reef please contact me for more information.
Catalina Reyes-Nivia
PhD Candidate

Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab 
School of Biological Sciences 
The University of Queensland 
E catalina.reyes at uq.edu.au 
W  http://www.coralreefecosystems..org  

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