[Coral-List] A good deal we should not miss

Meir Dave coralpathogens at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 15:35:24 EDT 2011

I think we should not only consider the registration fee for the 2012 ICRS
in "relative terms"; i.e.; if we could have gotten a better deal
I heard that this registration fee includes a complimentary day trip to the
aboriginal community on Palm Island: the sponsors and guardians of
Australian Beauty and Wealth.
I bet that after this day trip, we would all look at our world with
different eyes (than: expensive/not expensive)...
For this registration fee (high or low) we get a fair chance to show *
solidarity* in our very difficult fight to save coral reefs from extinction.
We also get a fair chance to show *solidarity* with our Australian mates
against the merciless genocide conducted against indigenous people in
All on the same bill - Wow, I thinks its a very good deal that no one should
miss - *being there together.*

Meir Sussman
Post Doc
Department of Molecular Biology
Umea University

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