[Coral-List] anyone looking into potential impacts to Corals from 3-11 Tsunami marine debris/derelict vessels/etc.?

Will Nuckols wnuckols at erols.com
Thu Jul 28 13:53:39 EDT 2011

List members:

On March 11 Japan experienced a tremendous natural disaster, resulting in a
significant loss of life and resources.  

There is a possibility that the impact of that disaster may continue into
the future.

NOAA and U. of Hawaii marine debris circulation models both show that debris
material should make their way east to the northwestern Hawaiian Islands, to
the Aleutian islands in Alaska, then southward to coastal Canada, the United
States' pacific northwest states of Washington and Oregon, and then a return
of the material westward as the pacific circulation pattern continues. 

Here's a link to the NOAA model run from the NOAA marine debris website

This is as much theory as anything at this point (although there are some
anecdotal reports of large size debris in the mid-pacific by individual
sailors) - but the lack of hard data aside, my question is whether anyone in
the coral community is thinking about/concerned about/planning to mitigate
the debris from the 3-11 tsunami? 


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