[Coral-List] A.palmata spawned in July in Florida Keys

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Acropora palmata has been observed to spawn in mid-late July in the past.  Iliana Baums saw some spawning in Key Largo in the early 2000s, and I had a message from a Mexican graduate student in the mid 1990s about a large spawn in the Veracruz area mid July.  Major spawning in late July (30) happened in Key Largo in 1996 followed by a second major spawning in late August/early Sept.  I am sure that they have spawned in July other years, we just haven't been out there to observe.

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     Just a note that /A. palmata/ (i.e. Elkhorn coral) colonies were
observed to spawn Tuesday night July 19th.(Looe Key- Florida Keys
National Marine Sanctuary, Special Protected Area), at about 2 hours
after sunset.  This is one month earlier than usual (3-4 days after full
moon in August). Could this be a new trend with warmer seawater
temperatures?  It seams that corals may have spawned earlier these past
two years as well. It seams apparent that some corals think its August
or September.
     Are there any other early spawning observations taking place?

Dave Vaughan,
Coral Reef Research Center Director
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DVaughan at Mote.org

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