[Coral-List] Lion Fish and Connectivity

Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Wed Jun 1 10:49:32 EDT 2011

Thanks to all that responded to my positing re Lion Fish. It is a 
great example of the value of the coral-list. G.P. Schmahl reported 
that Lion Fish were already under rigs in the Gulf  and likely will 
touch down on the Flower Gardens soon. Lad Akins reports they have 
made it to the Windward islands and pointed out a great map showing 
sightings at <http://nas2.er.usgs.gov/viewer/omap.aspx?SpeciesID=963> 
Clearly the modeling paper by Matthew that got me started is out of 
date and to his credit he pointed that out to me.  Also, Michael 
Braynen pointed out that the water flowing from the Atlantis aquarium 
in Nassau is sterilized before return to the sea. I wonder if all 
flow through aquaria used for research do the same?   I suppose it is 
just a matter of time before Lion Fish reach Barbados and San 
Salvador. As an aside I might mention a note from friends on their 
sailboat in Honduras that says they found them delicious and mention 
that they dried  the spines to use as tooth picks and for olives in 
martinis. Gee, how long will it be before we find small pack of them 
for sale at Pier One? Gene

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