[Coral-List] New free online resource for high quality underwater images

Jim Catlin jim_catlin at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 7 11:20:04 EDT 2011

Dear Coralisters,

Over the past year I have been working on creating a free online resource for underwater images. The website is www.freeunderwaterimages.com where users can download underwater images in their original high quality at no cost.. Amateur underwater photographers can also upload their own high quality images via the dropbox link on the homepage and become a contributor to the website. Contributors get a short profile, including a photo of themselves added to our official Contributors page. 

Many of my colleagues in the Marine Science sector already use the images on our site for presentations, reports or papers. All we ask is that images are attributed to freeunderwaterimages.com. Permission must also be granted to use images for commercial use. The images are subtly watermarked along the bottom edge but these can be removed on request. 

The plan is to expand our modest collection at present and attract more contributors to join the site. So please come and check us out, download our photos, or even better become a contributor and have your own photos available for everyone to see and use. 

Hope to see your photos soon, 

All the best

Jim Catlin @ freeunderwaterimages.com



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