[Coral-List] [Coral list] Reef pioneer community identification

Jahson B jahsonb at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 07:53:39 EDT 2011

Dear listers

I've been looking at community succession and coral recruitment on Tobago's
reefs (southern Caribbean) using regular unglazed terra cotta tiles. I'm in
the process now of looking at the beasties that have established themselves
on the tiles after 6mths.  I'm currently stumped as to the identity of
several tiny red structures,~3mm in diameter. Some are flat, but most have a
three dimensional structure, with some initial branching. The link below
will take you to an album with what I'm seeing.


Can anyone provide any assistance or direction with the identification?



"..only if people can figure out what in the world scientists are talking
about and why they should care." Randy Olson

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