[Coral-List] CALL FOR AUTHORS: Biomes and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia - Edited by Robert Warren Howarth

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Wed Jun 8 13:21:20 EDT 2011



We are inviting academic editorial contributors to a new reference work
about biomes and ecosystems to be published by Salem Press in 2013. 


With approximately 600 articles in 4 volumes, Biomes and Ecosystems: An
Encyclopedia is a comprehensive review of key biological and geographic
classifications tied to the high-school and college curriculum. According to
one expert, there is a slight difference between the two words, biome and
ecosystem. An ecosystem is much smaller than a biome. Conversely, a biome
can be thought of many similar ecosystems throughout the world grouped
together. An ecosystem can be as large as the Sahara Desert, or as small as
a puddle or vernal pool. Thus, the reference work will cover the broad scope
of biomes and ecosystems around the world, from puddles on the street to
coral reefs in Australia to rain forests in Brazil to the tundra in Siberia.
Each article will delve into the properties that make the subject a biome or
ecosystem, and how those features work together. Especially targeted toward
high-school students, this outstanding reference work is edited to make the
content readily accessible as well to patrons of public, academic, and
university libraries. Pedagogical elements include a Topic Finder,
Chronology, Resource Guide, Glossary, Appendix, and thorough index.
Presented in an A-to-Z format, Biomes and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia is
richly illustrated with photos, charts, and tables, all comprising an
unprecedented and unique resource produced by Golson Media for Salem Press.


We are now making article assignments with a deadline of October 31, 2011.


Each article ranges from 600 to 3500 words and is signed by the contributor.
The General Editor for the encyclopedia is Dr. Robert Warren Howarth,
Cornell University, who will review all the articles for editorial content
and academic consistency.


If you are interested in contributing to Biomes and Ecosystems: An
Encyclopedia, it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and
broaden your publishing credits. Moreover, you can help ensure that accurate
information and important points of view are credibly presented to students
and library patrons. Compensation is an honorarium payment of $25 up to 1000
words; $35 from 1001 to 2500 words; and $45 above 2501 words. 


The list of available articles, style guidelines, and sample article are
prepared and will be sent to you in response to your inquiry. Please then
select which unassigned articles may best suit your interests and expertise.


If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference
with Biomes and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia, please contact me by the e-mail
information below. Please provide a brief summary of your background in
biology, ecology, and science topics. Thanks for your time and interest.


Joseph K. Golson

Author Manager

biomes at golsonmedia.com


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