[Coral-List] larval length for Porites astreoides

Flavia Nunes nunesf at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:10:02 EDT 2011

Hello Coral List,

I am looking for a reference for the length of larva of Porites astreoides
and Favia gravida.

I have searched the literature, but have not yet found a numerical value for
the length of the larva of these species.  This must be known, but I am
having trouble finding a reference.  Does anyone on the list know?

Thank you,



Flávia Nunes

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow
Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution
Department of Genetics & Evolution
University of Geneva
Sciences III, 30 quai Ernest Ansermet
1211 Geneva 4  Switzerland

Flavia.Nunes at unige.ch


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