[Coral-List] Alarming early warning bleaching signals Mona Island, PR

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Fri Jun 17 22:43:56 EDT 2011

Dear listers:

During two recent surveys conducted in April 29 - May 2, 2011, and in between May 30 and June 3, 2011 our diving team witness significant bleaching on several isolated colonies of the following species:

April 29-May 1:

Montastraea anularis (8 m)
Diploria clivosa (4-6 m)

Millepora alcicornis (8 m)
Siderastrea siderea (5-8 m)
Meandrina meandrites (5-8 m)

May 30-June 3:

Agaricia agaricites (20-35 m)*
Agaricia lamarcki (15-43 m)*
grahamae (27-40 m)*
Leptoseris cucullata (25-35 m)*
Montastraea annularis (2-20 m)*
Montastraea faveolata (5-20 m)*
Montastraea cavernosa (20 m)

Eusmilia fastigiata (8-30 m)
Meandrina meandrites (8-30 m)
Meandrina memorialis (8-30 m)
Diploria strigosa (2-5 m)
Diploria clivosa (2-10 m)*
Diploria labyrinthiformis (3-20 m)

Porites astreoides (5 m)
Dendrogyra cylindrus (8-20 m)

Millepora alcicornis (2-20 m)

Pseudopterogorgia americana
Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata 

Temperatures at Mona were approximately 27.0C in late April and 28.5C in late May. We do have pictures for most of the species.

Please, keep your eyes opened around the region for additional abnormal bleaching signs on susceptible colonies.



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