[Coral-List] algal patches height and leigth

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Hello Douglas and all

You are right, the 2 publications are:

Carpenter R.C., 1990c. Competition among marine macroalgae, a physiological perspective. A minireview. J.Phycol.26: 6-12.

Renken H., Mumby P.J., Matsikis I., Edwards H.J., 2010. Effects of physical environmental conditions on the patch dynamics of Dictyota pulchella and Lobophora variegate on Caribbean coral reefs. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 403:63-74. 


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     It might be helpful to people on coral-list if you would provide us with the complete references for those two papers.  Most people won't be able to find them based just on the one author name and year.  Could you just send coral-list a message with those two complete references, please?   Thank you.  Cheers,  Doug
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Hello all,

I’m looking for papers or works dealing with the relation between the two dimensions of algal patches (height and Length) and factors that have an influence on those dimensions. 
I only found two papers, one from Carpenter (1990) and a more recent one from Renken et al. (2010).
I would appreciate any suggestion. Very sincerely,

Sophie Brugneaux
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