[Coral-List] FY 2012 Funding Opportunity

Kimberly Puglise Kimberly.Puglise at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 23 16:32:44 EDT 2011

***Please Distribute** Note: Federal employees are eligible to apply.*

*FY 2012 Funding Opportunity*

*_Title_*: Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program: From Science to 
Management: Improving Management of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in the 
U.S. Caribbean

*_Due Date_*: Full proposals are due September 28, 2011 at 3 p.m. 
Eastern Time.


NOAA's Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research (NOAA/CSCOR) is 
soliciting proposals under the Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program: 
 From Science to Management for a project to synthesize existing 
information on mesophotic coral ecosystems within the U.S. Caribbean, 
describe linkages to resource management responsibilities, analyze both 
known and potential threats to MCEs, and develop viable options for 
managing them, as well as identify gaps in information for future 
research.This information will be used to improve the ability of 
resource managers to proactively develop strategies to protect poorly 
understood mesophotic coral ecosystems, including coastal and marine 
spatial planning and the siting of marine protected areas and marine 
protected area networks for shallow and mesophotic coral ecosystems.

One to two projects are expected to be supported for up to 3 years in 
duration with a budget of approximately $500,000 for projects focused 
solely on Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands; or one project of up 
to 3 years in duration with a budget of approximately $750,000 for a 
U.S. Caribbean-wide project (excluding Navassa Island).

The full funding opportunity and information on how to apply can be 
found on grants.gov by clicking on this link 
or by searching for CFDA #11.478.

For more information, please contact Kimberly Puglise, NOAA/CSCOR, 
301-713-3338 x140 or kimberly.puglise at noaa.gov 
<mailto:kimberly.puglise at noaa.gov>.

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