[Coral-List] Mini-symposium MS6B at ICRS2012 "Mechanisms of Calcification"

Sylvie Tambutté stambutte at centrescientifique.mc
Fri Jun 24 04:26:49 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues, 

We're excited to announce our mini-symposium entitled “Mechanisms of
Calcification” at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium, which will
take place in Cairns in July 2012 ( <http://www.icrs2012.com>
http://www.icrs2012.com).  The symposium will highlight new developments in
our understanding of the mechanisms employed by marine calcifiers to build
calcium carbonate skeletons, shells and structures; the potential impacts of
climate change on skeletal building and possible adaptive strategies
employed by organisms to continue skeleton building under non-ideal

Note: Abstracts are due from 1 July – 1 October.  Please send your
submission through the ICRS website.

We look forward to seeing you in Cairns.  If you have questions, please
contact us directly:

Conveners:  Sylvie Tambutté  (stambutte at centrescientifique.mc), Michael
Holcomb (mholcomb3051 at gmail.com), Anne Cohen  ( <mailto:acohen at whoi.edu>
acohen at whoi.edu)

Description of Mini-symposium MS6B:  Accurate predictions of coral reef
responses to climate change and ocean acidification rely on our
understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of calcification. How organisms
control calcification likely plays a key role in shaping their vulnerability
(or resilience) to environmental change, yet this basic question remains
debated, and even for a single organism, models may range from passive to
tightly controlled biological processes. We particularly welcome studies
seeking to integrate and reconcile data obtained from both biological and
physico-chemical/geochemical approaches to better understand the mechanisms
by which CaCO3 crystals are formed and organized into functional skeletons.
We anticipate contributions from a range of disciplines that employ
different tools to gain insights into this process. This mini-symposium will
bring together studies of the interface between skeleton and tissue, work on
calcifying cells and organic matrices, geochemical approaches to
characterizing the calcifying environment and crystal growth processes,
studies of synthetic crystal growth.


Sylvie Tambutté

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