[Coral-List] Gorgonians from Andaman water, India

yogesh kumar coralyogesh at yahoo.co.in
Tue Mar 1 02:08:59 EST 2011

Dear Colleagues

I am Yogesh from Andaman, India and working in Gorgonian. I have more than 100 
samples coming under the 18 genus, but i have straggle to move species level. so 
i need valuable Guidance suggestion from experts of this filed. Same time i will 
need this following Book

"Grasshoff, M. & Bargibant, G. Les gorgones des récifs coralliens de 
Nouvelle-Calédonie / Coral Reef Gorgonians of New Caledonia. 336 p., 166+90 
figs. (IRD éditions) Paris. - Juli 2001. - ISBN 2-7099-1466-2."
Yogesh Kumar


Zoological Survey of India
Andaman & Nicobar Regional Station
Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India
Haddo, Port Blair - 744 102
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Telephone:  91(3192233148) 91(3192230115
Fax: 91(3192)230115 
Mobile: 91-9476006830
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