[Coral-List] 2011 Global Fellowship Announcement

Debbie Pease drpease1 at duke.edu
Wed Mar 2 14:09:57 EST 2011

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It seems that I made an error on this email....the date is wrong.  
Please note the cutoff date is March 31, 2011.  Will you please forward 
to any list serves that might be able to send it out for us.  I will 
appreciate it. deb

I am the administrator for the Duke Center for Marine Conservation at 
the Duke University Marine Lab. Our purpose is to offer educational, 
research and collaborative opportunities for persons or organizations in 
the field of marine conservation.

Each year, the Duke University Marine Laboratory/Duke Center for Marine 
Conservation offers an exciting opportunity for international students. 
Duke's Integrated Marine Conservation Program teaches the principles 
necessary to the conservation and preservation of the coastal and 
oceanic environment. The focus is on interdisciplinary problem 
solving---using natural and social science theory to resolve real world 
environmental problems. This program is a tremendous opportunity for 
students at any level to think about conservation biology and policy in 
an environment full of students and faculty grappling with the same 
issues. The core class - BIO 109/ENV209 Conservation Biology and Policy 
- involves field trips, discussion groups, role play, lecture and a 
final project that focuses on the integration of science and policy. 
Students will leave the class with an appreciation of the policy 
process, as well as knowledge in the fundamentals of marine conservation.

Please see the announcement below I am requesting you to post/have 
posted to your list serve. This is a wonderful opportunity. I do hope 
you will help me get the word out. Time is short.....our final 
application date is March 31, 2011. I am sorry for the short notice, but 
will appreciate any and all efforts on our behalf.

In anticipation of a positive response, I thank you.


My Contact Information is as follows:

Debbie Pease, Executive Assistant
Duke Center for Marine Conservation
Duke University Marine Lab
135 Duke Marine Lab Road
Beaufort, NC 28516
Phone: 252-504-7636
Fax: 252-504-7638
Email: drpease1 at duke.edu

(Summer Term II)

/*Deadline: *//*31 March 2011*/

For additional information regarding the Global Fellowships in Marine 
Conservation applicants are encouraged to contact 
ml_admissions at nicholas.duke.edu <mailto:ml_admissions at nicholas.duke.edu>.

Fellowships for international students will fully cover travel expenses, 
room and board, and tuition for two courses, your required course 
BIOLOGY 109/ENVIRON 109/ENVIRON 209 Conservation Biology and Policy and 
an elective course of your choice to subject to availability. The 
courses begin on July 11 and ends on August 12, 2011.

The Global Fellowships are available to any international applicant with 
a good working knowledge of English who has an interest and 
qualifications in marine conservation biology.  The course requires some 
background in marine science and political science. Usually Global 
Fellows have a BA or BS degree in hand.

/*Application */
There is no separate fellowship application form. Intent to apply for a 
fellowship should be made known on the summer course *enrollment form* 

/*Required Credentials*/
In addition to the enrollment form, each Global Fellowship applicant is 
required to submit the following credentials:

   1. A brief essay - please limit this to one page - describing the
      applicant's education, research, and work experience background
      please note a Curriculum Vitae does not take the place of this essay;
   2. A brief statement of purpose - please limit this to one page -
      i.e., describing the applicant's reason for taking the course, how
      the applicant will be able to apply the training in his/her home
      country, the applicant's future goals;
   3. A letter of recommendation from academic faculty or employer
      addressed to Dr. Larry Crowder.  We do not offer guidelines about
      the information to be included in your reference letter. These
      letters typically include how the referee knows you, his/her
      opinions of your work together in the past, and thoughts about
      whether he/she feels you'd be well suited to this program.
   4. A Complete Curriculum Vitae.
   5. A copy of your transcript is preferred. It may be an unofficial
      version. The transcript can be emailed to drpease1 at duke.edu or
      faxed to (252) 504-7638 or scanned and emailed to the attention of
      Debbie Pease.  A non-certified translation of the transcript is
      fine.  If sending a transcript is impossible, then please send a
      copy of your degree. If a traditional transcript is available,
      documentation certifying your courses, grades and official notes
      taken in each course during university studies in addition to a
      copy of your diploma will be required.

*All credentials* are to be *posted* to: The Duke University Marine Lab, 
Attention: Debbie Pease, 135 Duke Marine Lab Rd, Beaufort NC 28516, USA; 
or *faxed* to 252-504-7638 to the attention of Debbie Pease; or 
*scanned* and sent in MS Word or pdf format as an email attachment to 
drpease1 at duke.edu <mailto:drpease1 at duke.edu>.  No other format will be 

/*Due Date*/
Global Fellowship applications and credentials must be received no later 
than 1 *April 2011* by Ms. Debbie Pease (drpease1 at duke.edu 
<mailto:drpease1 at duke.edu>).  All applicants will be notified of their 
award status shortly after the deadline date.

We appreciate your interest in our Global Fellows program.  If you have 
any questions you may contact Ms. Debbie Pease at drpease1 at duke.edu 
<mailto:drpease1 at duke.edu>.



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