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Katie Reytar KReytar at wri.org
Thu Mar 3 17:38:49 EST 2011

Dear Coral List,

We would like to announce that the Reefs at Risk Revisited report was
released last week and is available to download on our project page at
www.wri.org/reefs. Available materials at this link include: PDFs of the
report and executive summary, downloadable high-resolution maps, an
interactive map on Google Earth, a 4-minute overview video, downloadable
GIS data, and other materials. The web page also includes a link to a
video of the February 23rd launch in Washington DC, which includes
presentations by U.S. NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco and Dr.
Nancy Knowlton, Chair for Marine Science at the Smithsonian Institution.


Reefs at Risk Revisited is an update of the World Resources Institute's
1998 global analysis of threats to coral reefs using new high-resolution
data and improved modeling methods.  This is the first Reefs at Risk
study that evaluates global threats to reefs (warming seas and ocean
acidification)  and includes a global analysis of the vulnerability of
coastal communities to reef degradation.  WRI led the project in
collaboration with over 25 partner organizations, including The Nature
Conservancy, the WorldFish Center, the International Coral Reef Action
Network, UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre, and the Global Coral
Reef Monitoring Network.


The printed report is available upon request. Please email:
reefsatrisk at wri.org 




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