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Dear Sean

Few years ago, we fulfill a very hard task, consisting in sampling sponge
population (demosponges) from messioua bank, located 30 NM east of zarzis
(south of Tunisia), from a mixed bottom (posidonia meadows, rocky substratum
and sandy one) from 20 to 30 m depth, to found out the species-area curves
needed to do right sampling of this community in Tunisian waters. 
I can forward you the full report (French writing).
The interest of the study was to work on off shore bank known for its
commercial sponge population, so the study was rather a comprehensive
ecological study on the sponge population of that bank, I really hope to
have the time to publish it this year in peer reviewed journal.

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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing a review on marine biodiversity and protected area targets. I 
am specifically looking for examples of marine habitat-specific species-area

curves either published or in reports (grey literature).

If any of you have such information and would be willing to share it please 
could you contact me or forward the relevant reports.

best wishes and thank you in advance,


Dr. Sean Porter
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