[Coral-List] call for sequencing proposal

Matt Nolan mpnolan at lbl.gov
Fri Mar 25 16:43:33 EDT 2011

I recently talked to a coral scientist at the JGI user meeting and she
mentioned the coral scientific community had in the past a project ready to
sequence coral.

so a quick fyi in case you are not aware yet


successful proposals will include

#1) linking relevance of proposal to some part of  DOE mission


large scientific community

ability of that community to provide DNA to feed a huge sequencing pipeline

hint: propose to sequence all of whatever DNA you are capable of providing
in a short time frame

I think the time frame is rather short so this message primary target is
someone who already has a sequencing plan ready, knows where all the DNA
sources are and has the connections to coordinate access to them and would
want to take up the challenge of relating it to DOE mission.

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