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     All older issues of the Bulletin of Marine Science are available free, 
open-access, on the Bulletin website, just do a search on the journal name, then 
look on the website for the issue you need, and download the article.  Some 
other journals do this as well, like Marine Ecology Progress Series, Biological 
Bulletin (I think I remember), but others don't.
      A good way to find some things is to go to Google Scholar, and type in the 
name of the article you want.  Often they pop up with a free pdf available from 
some website, that's indicated off to the right of the article.
      The National Park websites might have pdfs of reports.  The website for 
the National Park of American Samoa has a link to a website that has almost all 
of the articles on American Samoa reefs, wildlife, geology, etc available free 
as pdfs.
      If those things don't work, try to send an email to the author asking for 
a pdf.  Most authors want to publicize their work, and are happy to send a pdf 
if they have one.  To get the email address of an author, you can use your copy 
of the directory to the members of the International Society for Reef Studies, 
which you get when you join and get a subscription to Coral Reefs for a mere 
US$90 (I think it is), one of the cheapest journals out there, a benefit of 
society membership, along with a discount on ICRS registration (join if you 
haven't already!!  Just go to their website, or a copy of the journal).  Also, 
NOAA's coral reef program website has a redirect to a site that lists contacts 
for many coral reef researchers.  Some journal websites that give only abstracts 
might also give author contact.

     Cheers,   Doug

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Faster ice melt, higher sea levels

Ice loss on Greenland and Antarctica is accelerating at three times the rate of 
mountain ice loss. If it continues, this melting will dominate sea-level rise 
this century.

Eric Rignot at the University of California, Irvine, and his colleagues compared 
calculations based on 18 years' worth of data on climate and ice discharge with 
8 years' worth of data from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, which 
uses satellite measurements to assess ice mass. The authors estimate that the 
rate of loss is increasing by around 36.3 gigatonnes of ice a year, with a 
cumulative loss of 475 gigatonnes in 2006.


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Dear all,

I am trying to locate the PDF of the following publications, any help will
be appreciated! Thank you very much!

1. Hughes, T. P. 1993. Coral reef degradation: a long-term study of human
and natural impacts. Pages 208-213 in R. N. Ginsburg, editor. Proceedings of
the Colloquium on global aspects of coral reefs: health, hazards and
history. Rosenthiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of

2. Huston, M. (1985). Patterns of species diversity in relation to depth at
Discovery Bay. Jamaica. Bull. mar. Sci. 37: 928-935 Kjerfve, B., Magill

3. Rogers, C. S., and E. Zullo. 1987. Initiation of a long-term monitoring
program for coral reefs in the Virgin Islands National Park. Biosphere
Reserve research report No. 17. Page 33. Virgin Islands Resource Management
Co-operative - U.S. National Park Service.

4. Bythell, J. C., E. H. Gladfelter, and Z. M. Hillis. 1993. Ecological
studies of Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin
Islands: Report on February 1993 fixed transect surveys and post-Hurricane
Hugo recovery of reef and coral community composition. US Department of
Interior, National Park Service

5. Bythell, J. C. 1998. Assessment of the impacts of hurricanes Marilyn and
Luis and post-hurricane recovery at Buck Island Reef National Monument as
part of the longterm coral reef monitoring program in the north-eastern
Caribbean. US Department of Interior, National Park Service.

6. Bythell, J. C., E. H. Gladfelter, W. B. Gladfelter, K. E. French, and Z.
M. Hillis. 1989. Buck Island Reef National Monument - changes in modern
reef-community structure since 1976. Pages 145-154 in D. K. Hubbard, editor.
Terrestrial and marine geology of St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. West Indies
Laboratory Special Publication #8

7. Bythell, J. C., Z. M. Hillis, B. Philips, W. J. Burnett, J. Larcombe, and
M. Bythell. 2000a. Buck Island Reef National Monument, St Croix, US Virgin
Islands: Assessment of the impacts of Hurricane Lenny (1999) and status of
the reef in 2000. US Department of Interior, National Park Service.

Best wishes,
Vivian Lam
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