[Coral-List] coral reproduction mode

Jacques Idechong jidechong at picrc.org
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Not familiar with any references but working directly with porites species
in Hawaii showed them to be year-round spawners with very small gametes. I
would think psammocora, with the size of their corallites would be the same.
Not sure about montastrea but most larger favids I've encountered are
spawners.  Not sure about Merulina scabricula but M. ampliata from Palau is
a spawner (See Penland et al. 2004 in CoralReefs 23:133-140).

Good luck with your search!


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Hi all,

I am currently doing some bibliography about coral reproduction modes. I 
could not find anything in the litterature about the reproduction modes 
of some of my target species.
So, I would be really interested by any information or references you 
could share about the reproduction modes of the following species:
- Merulina scabricula
- Montastrea annuligera
- Porites attenuata
- Porites nigrescens
- Psammocora contigua

Thanks a lot for your help!



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