[Coral-List] post-doc macro-ecology reef fish - second announcement

Michel Kulbicki michel.kulbicki at ird.fr
Wed May 4 08:18:20 EDT 2011

This is the second announcement for the following position. Please 
contact Michel Kulbicki (michel.kulbicki at ird.fr) for any additional 

*Post-doc position in reef fish macro-ecology*


This position is part of the GASPAR program and financed by the FRB 
("Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité" -- a French State 
Organization). The aim of GASPAR is the macro-ecological analysis of 
reef fish assemblages on a world-wide scale in order to understand their 
major functioning principles. The scientific program may be asked to 
M.Kulbicki (michel.kulbicki at ird.fr). This program is based on the 
principle of several meetings a year at the CESAB center (in France) 
during which the members of this program brainstorm on the questions and 
hypotheses in order to produce scientific information (mainly analytical 
and synthetic articles) and build a database which will be made freely 
available to the scientific community at the end of the program.

*Skills :*

The candidate should be (ideally) skilled in the following domains: (a) 
theoretical ecology or community ecology; (b) statistics; (c) databases; 
(d) GIS. Fluent English is required; French is not required but would be 
advantageous. The role will consist of: (1) organizing a database which 
will compile information on the diversity of reef fishes from a wide 
selection of sites across the world, on their life-history traits, and 
on environmental factors. These data will originate from the members of 
the program and from existing international databases; (2) preparation 
of the meetings in order to facilitate the writing of analytical and 
synthesis articles on the macro-ecology of reef fishes. This preparation 
entails statistical pre-analyses, maps and the compilation of important 
references; (3) participation in the coordination of the project, in 
particular by liaising between the partners of this program; (4) 
contribute to the writing of scientific articles issued from this work.

The candidate will work with some of the best specialist in coral reef 
fish ecology. A number of high impact factor scientific articles are 
expected from this program, to which the candidate will be associated 
and in some instances be first author (depending on the degree of 
involvement). There should be also opportunities to attend international 
meetings and to meet renowned scientists in the field of reef ecology.

*Contract duration and salary*

The post-doc will be based at the "Laboratoire Arago" in Banyuls/mer 
(France --http://www.obs-banyuls.fr/) and will be under the supervision 
of Michel Kulbicki, the person in charge of the GASPAR program.

The contract is for 30 months and will start in July 2011. The net 
monthly pay will be around 1900 euros, this amount varying slightly 
according to the social security and welfare costs.

For any question regarding this position please contact Michel Kulbicki at:

Tel. : within France : 04-30-19-24-17 from overseas : 33-4-30-19-24-17

e-mail.:michel.kulbicki at ird.fr

IRD- UR227 -- Laboratoire Arago - BP 44

66651- Banyuls /mer -- France

Michel Kulbicki
UR 227 - "CoReUs"
IRD - Laboratoire Arago
BP 44 - 66651- Banyuls /mer
Tel.: (33)-(0)4-30-19-24-17 / Fax.:
e-mail: michel.kulbicki at ird.fr (michel.kulbicki at univ-perp.fr is no longer valid)

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