[Coral-List] Help Ban Oil Exploration on the Belize Barrier Reef.

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With all respect, the statement: "It could bring big bucks and jobs to a 
relatively poor country and hopefully  bring down the cost of fuel." seems taken 
out from a purely demagogic political debate, a lot more emotional and 
emotionally appealing than the statements being criticized.

Hoping that the cost of fuel will go down when peak oil has been reached, or 
will be soon reached, it's quite an interesting expectation (IEA stated last 
November that conventional crude oil peaked in 2006).
Hoping that the involved corporations will share the profit with the poor local 
people sounds also quite "naive".

I might be hysterical but I do not feel assured even if they promise me they 
won't drill right on top of a coral or my house. Anyway all that is oil and 
pro-conventional-growth based it is for me definitely short-sighted even in the 
best scenario and unless overcome quickly it will lead to world wide (not just 
Belize) disasters, but maybe I have been reading too much 
post-carbon/post-growth stuff.

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"offshore drilling in Belize will lead to an environmental disaster 
from which Belize will never recover."
Now that is as hysterical and emotional as it can get! It would be 
good to get your facts in order before making such knee-jerk 
reactions. Several wells have already been drilled along the Belize 
shelf during the 1960s and 1970s and there were no "disasters" other 
than the fact that they did not find any oil.
It would be good to know if they (who ever they are) are planning 
deep water drilling or shallow water drilling as was done there in 
the past? It makes a big difference. Of course actual discovery of 
oil might have a large impact. It could bring big bucks and jobs to a 
relatively poor country and hopefully  bring down the cost of fuel. 
You can be sure that no one is going to drill right on top of a coral 
reef. What does a gallon of gasoline costs in Belize? I assume it is 
all transported there in tankers which is well known to be the 
largest source of oil pollution in the oceans worldwide. Gene


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