[Coral-List] Can Blue Sea Stars Eat Giant Clams?

Gordon Hendler Hendler at nhm.org
Mon May 9 17:19:42 EDT 2011

Regarding Lucy's question about Blue Sea Stars:
Even fairly small "giant clams" are not likely the prey of Blue Sea
Stars. Linckia laevigata has been reported to feed on coralline alga,
rarely on corals, and (possibly) on coral mucus. However, reliable
observations indicate that it actually subsists on microscopic organisms
and detritus associated with the biofilms coating hard substrates. One
relevant study is readily available on the Web at

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Dear Esteemed Coral Listers,

I am editing and educational science documentary about an MPA in
and need to make sure I am including the correct information from my
interview. Do any echinoderm or molluscan specialists know if the blue
star Linckia leavigata can eat small giant clams (Tridacna mazima or T.

Thanks for your help, Lucy Marcus

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Lucy Marcus MS
lucymarcus at gmail.com

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