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Subject: Two new marine science postdoctoral fellowships

Please forward this message to potential applicants, colleagues, 
list-servers, and professional organizations.

www.mote.org/2011postdocs <http://www.mote.org/2011postdocs>

Mote Marine Laboratory (Mote), an independent not-for-profit 
institution, has adopted a 2020 Vision & Strategic Plan and will recruit 
two new Postdoctoral Fellows in late 2011.  New Postdoctoral Fellows are 
expected to begin between September 1 and December 31, 2011. Each 
full-time position includes an annual salary of $40,000. Health 
insurance is also provided with each position, with family options. 
Benefits include an opt-in retirement plan with employer matching, 
leaves for holidays, illness, and vacation, and other benefits.

Each Postdoctoral Fellow will have an established researcher assigned to 
serve as a dedicated mentor, and will receive office/laboratory space 
and funds for startup, operations, and travel. Each Fellowship position 
will be for a period of two years (assuming appropriate first-year 
progress). The Mote Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is planning 
on having eight concurrent Fellowship positions overlapping each year by 
2020. Exemplary Fellows may be invited to join Mote as Staff Scientists 
upon completion of their initial two-year appointment.

Recent PhD graduates and others with prior postdoctoral experience are 
invited to apply.  Applications from any field of marine research 
including engineering, social science, and policy will be considered. 
Equal consideration will be given to candidates working in Mote's 
current fields of inquiry, candidates that meld Mote's current fields of 
inquiry, and candidates who will pursue new research directions.  For a 
complete description of Mote's research programs, the postdoctoral 
program and application requirements see www.mote.org/2011postdocs 
<http://www.mote.org/2011postdocs>. Watch the site for updates and 

Applications are due by *5:00 pm EDT, June 29, 2011*, to 
humanresources at mote.org <mailto:humanresources at mote.org>.  Mote Marine 
Laboratory is an EOE/ADA/E-Verify employer.


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