[Coral-List] COT: gametogenesis is it link to the number of arms?

Bernard-Armand THOMASSIN ba.thomassin at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 16 02:29:43 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Many among you know that the number of arms of the COTs (Acanthaster planci) is not correlated to the size diameter of this starfish. Number of arms varies between 10 to 20.
But, as each arm contains reproductive organs, is the gametogenesis and production of eggs really related to the number of arms? 
Is the reproductive strategy of a COT population links to this anatomical parameter? 

Please, to all having studied the biology and reproduction dynamics of the COTs in the Indopacific areas (personnally I don't studied this topic), send me precisions and references of papers published. 

In Mayotte Island (North Mozambique Channel / Comoro Archip.), we observed since 1980 periodical infestations (but they could exist before without scientific observations) and the newly created MPA, in Jan. 2010 (the "Parc Naturel Marin de Mayotte" including the close Zélée Bank), decided to collect some of them at the main SCUBA diving spots to save coral communities.

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