[Coral-List] Cordelia Banks - Roatan Island, Honduras

Jon Slayer jonslayer at hotmail.co.uk
Tue May 17 07:40:51 EDT 2011

Dear Coral List,

On a recent trip to Honduras I was introduced to the Cordelia Banks off Roatan Island. This shallow reef is a haven for Acropora Cervicornis and seems to be the largest healthy area of this endangered species along the Meso-American reef. This large patch is well placed in regional currents to seed other areas that are now bereft of Cervicornis following disease epidemics in years past. The Cordelia Banks further importance includes a Grouper/Snapper spawning aggregation site and a thriving population of Reef Sharks. The Banks are at present a multi-use zone within the Roatan Marine Park but local scientists/conservationists are pushing for greater protection measures due to the high environmental significance of this beautiful reef. The following short videos offer an illustration of Cordelia Banks:


For further information on the area and progress on furthering protection of the site please get in touch with the staff of Roatan Marine Park. http://www.roatanmarinepark.com/

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