[Coral-List] Catch 'em, Clean 'em, Eat 'em - How Bahamians are addressing the lionfish invasion

Olivia Patterson olivia at friendsoftheenvironment.org
Tue May 17 12:09:42 EDT 2011

Friends of the Environment, an NGO located in Abaco, Bahamas has partnered
with Loggerhead Productions to help raise awareness of the lionfish invasion
in The Bahamas. 


For a fun and informative look at how Bahamians are coping with the lionfish
invasion, please visit the following links. 


What is a Bahamian solution to a dangerous invasive species? Eat 'em.

Part 1 of this documentary uses underwater footage to explore what we know
about these non native invaders. Originally from the Indo-Pacific region of
the world, lionfish are now a major threat to native juvenile fishes and
invertebrates.  They are invading Bahamian reefs at a dangerous rate,
threatening the delicate balance of the marine
m <http://www.conchsaladtv.com/lionfish-invasion-part-1-source-problem/> /

Part 2 of "The Lionfish Invasion" documents some of the very interesting
research and scientific projects being done in the islands. It turns out
that there is not very much information about lionfish or the consequences
of marine invasive species, so The Bahamas has become a living scientific

The final part of "The Lionfish Invasion" demonstrates that lionfish can be
safely caught, cleaned, cooked, eaten and sold.  In fact, eating lionfish
may be one of the only ways to stem their spread! We hope this video will
help make Bahamians, and others throughout the Caribbean, aware of the
threats of lionfish - and show them not to fear lionfish, but to eat 'em.



Olivia Patterson

Program Coordinator

Friends of the Environment

P.O. Box AB 20755

Marsh Harbour,

Abaco, Bahamas




olivia at friendsoftheenvironment.org


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