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I second the sentiments expressed on what this list should focus on.

With recent global developments it has become resoundingly clear that coral reefs, coastal and marine issues will play center stage roles in food security, climate change, marine conservation, biodiversity and disaster management and many other issues.

The pursuit of science for science's sake, and to educate, inspire and to entertain is what is at the heart of what this lists aims to achieve.

Discussions, philosophical expressions and ruminations should always reflect this.

For everything else there exist online forums, blogs and FaceBook pages.

As a non-marine scientist I find myself lately tagging and deleting anything which does not look like an announcement or posting of scientific material or discussion which I receive through the Coral List and only look at the remaining posts.

I take that as a good sign that I appreciate the course the moderators want to follow and tacitly follow suit.

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Thanks for having the courage to risk posting that reflective piece.
It would serve all to thoughtfully study your message. Although the     descriptions may be more anecdotal than scientific, it is anything but   superficial. To project our present course into the future takes many
of the same characteristics that distinguish a great scientist from the ordinary.  Creativity and curiosity among them.  

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