[Coral-List] Save the reef adjacent to the Majuro International Airport.

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Wed May 18 08:35:55 EDT 2011

Dear Mr. Simpson

I am writing to solicit support for an attempt I am making to save a reef
 adjacent to the Majuro International Airport.

I am a licensed pilot and Chairman of a well know international Publc
NGO that works to rehabilitation coral reefs (or when not feasible to
offer alternate methods to protect the genetic stock of the corals
being lost by replanting tiny fragments, in a process of asexual
reproduction, of the most important colonies and then relocating them
to a suitably created alternate location on Reef Ball artificial reef

Therefore I understand both aviation needs and the needs of the local
community to protect it's reef assets (even when at present day those
assets may be unappreciated, or unprotectable by  local government).
Our projects work to keep costs low by training locals as teams to
work in a simplified, yet highly effective way to prioritize, select
and save from a genetic perspective all of the coral on a site that
must be dredged or filled.  The process uses locals volunteers, local
experts, international volunteers, and certified coral team leaders to
ensure the project adapts best to local needs, conditions and

There IS some cost involved, but the process is simple and most of the
resources can come from the island to create jobs.  Additionally, the
team process will create more local awareness of the global importance
of coral reefs for islanders and it will provide additional long term
high quality reef habitat for fisheries and marine life and in many
cases can be structured in a way to avoid erosion to the new runway
which saves the FAA long term in maintenance costs.

I was alerted to this by Dean Jacobson and support his position which
he made clear good points on the US Coral Reef List Serve today.  Do
not hesitate to contact me if the Reef Ball Foundation can assist in
providing solutions to allow cost effect alternatives that are better
for the reef ecosystems which are protected under US Federal laws.


Todd R Barber
Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation
3305 Edwards Court
Greenville, NC 27858
252-353-9094 (Direct)
941-720-7549 (Cell & Goggle Voice)
toddbarber Skype

www,reefball.org (Reef Ball Foundation)
www.artificialreefs.org (Designed Artificial Reefs)
www.reefbeach.com (Reefs for Beach Erosion)
www.eternalreefs.com (Memorial Reefs)
www.reefball.com (Reef Ball Foundation)

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