[Coral-List] Sustainable Research Vessel - SRV - please vote

Eneour PUILL-STEPHAN eneour at yahoo.fr
Wed May 18 19:15:06 EDT 2011

Dear Coral List,
We are trying to gather some funds to prepare a project's study for the 
construction and use of a Sustainable Research Vessel (SRV).

The Sustainable Research Vessel (SRV) project aims to design & build a Research 
Vessel for studying and exploring fragile marine ecosystems without disturbing 
them. The SRV aims to provide Scientists & Researchers with an efficient and 
practical research tool, in order to explore, study, and protect the planet's 
biodiversity in the most respectful way.

Check out the website for more info about the Sustainable Research Vessel (SRV):


And if you think the project is a good idea please add your vote by following 
the link below:



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