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Mon May 23 15:46:09 EDT 2011

Dear all,

This course concerns marine habitat mapping from remotely sensed images and
could be of interest to someone on this list. Registration deadline is on
the 8th of June and there are still seats available.

Kind regards

Francesca Riolo




The Dive GIS summer course will celebrate its 6th anniversary in 2011. It
will be held from the 31st of July to the 10th of August in Crotone at the
Capo Rizzuto Marine Protected Area.


The enrollment deadline is extended to the 8th of June. Seats are still


Dive GIS course is for you if you wish to:


1.  Learn state of the art GIS and Remote Sensing methodologies used for
marine applications

2.  Learn to use the ArcGIS software

3.  Become a certified diver

4.  Collect scientific data in the field and underwater

5.  Identify marine flora and fauna

6.  Be passionate about the marine environment and the conservation of its

7.  Network and socialize in an international environment



The course, organized by Mappamondo GIS in collaboration with the MPA,
represents a unique training initiative that offers the chance to learn
Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing methodologies while
becoming a certified SCUBA diver. Participants learn to use state of the art
technologies and to combine them with passion oriented sport and field
activities in the context of marine environment management and science.

The challenging objective of the organizer is to provide the bases for a
multi-skill career.


Participants are introduced to the underwater world through PADI Open Water
Diver and specialty courses, to the digital cartography and imaging world
through classes based on ESRI software, the world-leader in the GIS field,
and to real case study applications of Geographic Information Systems and
Remote Sensing tools for marine scientists. The course involves computer lab
and field sessions and it is well suited for people novice to both GIS and
diving, as well as for people that have already some knowledge and skills in
both fields but that wish to gain an additional experience.


During the course, the participants work on a real case study concerning the
mapping of marine habitats using on-screen visual interpretation, supervised
and unsupervised classification of satellite images and aerial photos.


This allows identifying and quantifying vulnerable areas with high
environmental value. Students also learn to identify marine flora and fauna,
to collect scientific data about their distribution and to use handheld GPS
units. Biodiversity and species distribution data are entered in the GIS to
study their correlation with the habitat and other biotic and abiotic
environmental parameters.


For further information about the course and online registration for the
2011 edition please visit the following website:


www.mappamondogis.it/divegis.htm or write an email to info at mappamondogis.com


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