[Coral-List] FYI: Development of a National Fish Wildlife and Plant Climate Adaptation Strategy

Britt Parker britt.parker at noaa.gov
Tue May 24 10:10:38 EDT 2011

Good morning,

I wanted to provide a heads up and background information on the 
National Fish Wildlife and Plant Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 
(NFWPCAS) which is currently under development.  Download the NFWPCAS 
Fact Sheet to learn more 

/The National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy 
(Strategy) is an integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive response to 
the threats of climate change. This multi-partner effort will outline a 
unified approach to maintaining the key terrestrial, freshwater and 
marine ecosystems needed to sustain fish, wildlife and plant resources 
and the services they provide in the face of accelerating climate change./

/The Strategy will be guided by input and participation from a diverse 
group of agencies from across the country. For this reason, Federal, 
State and tribal agencies have been asked to participate as members of 
an intergovernmental Steering Committee to provide advice and support 
for development of the Strategy by 2012./

/The Steering Committee consists of representatives from 16 Federal 
agencies with management authorities for fish, wildlife, plants, or 
their habitat, as well as representatives from five state fish and 
wildlife agencies and two tribal commissions. The purpose of the 
Steering Committee is to exchange views, information, and advice 
relating to the management and implementation of the Strategy. The 
Committee will oversee the Technical (writing) Teams, ensure a robust 
engagement process with a diverse group of stakeholders, and facilitate 
coordination and communication across agencies and departments./

_Coral Reef Ecosystems_ fall under the Marine Technical Team and we 
would welcome the expertise and input of the coral community  during the 
development of the Strategy.

There will be multiple opportunities for experts and the public to take 
part in the development and the review of the Strategy.

1. Stay up to date by visiting the website 
2. Take part in 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee (June 1 in Silver 
Spring, MD) which is open to the public 
http://www.wildlifeadaptationstrategy.gov/event-calendar.php and watch 
for future public meetings
3. Submit comments and adaptation strategies now to be considered as the 
Strategy is drafted http://www.wildlifeadaptationstrategy.gov/contact-us.php
4. Stay tuned as the full draft will be available for public comment 
this Fall!
5. Learn about the Public Engagement Strategy and how you can get 
involved http://www.wildlifeadaptationstrategy.gov/participate.php
6. You can also contact Roger Griffis (Roger.B.Griffis at noaa.gov) or 
myself (Britt.Parker at noaa.gov) if you have any questions.

Thank you
Britt Parker


Britt-Anne A. Parker

CRCP Climate Coordinator

NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program
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Silver Spring, MD 20910-3226
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