[Coral-List] Clarification on Seagate Shark Fin Products

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Thu May 26 10:26:04 EDT 2011

Dear Listers,

I got a certified letter from a lawyer from First Fishery Development
Services, Inc., the manufacturer of Seagate Products and owned by
Richard Lentz that presumably manufactures Shark Fin capsules which
were pointed out on this List-serve and I witnessed for sale on Ebay.

The letter demands that I clarify any statement in regard to these
shark fin products in that the manufacturer states they are not
directly involved in shark finning practices and have another legal
source of their shark fins.

For the public record I will state that my disdain for any shark fin
product is not based upon the source of the shark fins (legal or
illegal) but based upon the basic premise that any kind of marketing
of shark fin or shark fin related products (even those that may not
even use real shark fins) helps to create value for a world wide
fishery that has been scientifically documented to be dramatic decline
and the consequences of which are unknown but likely negative for
ocean reef ecosystems.

According to the letter I received from Simpson, Delmore, Greene, LLP,
the apparent law firm of First Fishery Development Services, "failure
to comply with these demands on or before May 27th, 2011 will result
in First Fishery taking immediate legal action" therefore in
compliance with their request I retract any statement that would
allegedly infer that Richard Lentz, First Fishery Development
Services, or Seagate products are directly involved in any illegal
shark finning activities.

I urge caution for anyone dealing with litigious individuals/companies.


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