[Coral-List] New report: Mangroves of France overseas: Ecosystems associated with coral reefs

BERZINA Anete Anete.BERZINA at iucn.org
Fri May 27 10:11:10 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

A new report below might be of interest to some of the coral-listers.

The Conservatoire du littoral, an IUCN member, has carried out an inventory of the mangroves in France overseas. For the first time it presents the extent and distribution of these ecosystems associated with coral reefs between the eight regions located in the Caribbean, Amazon, Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

The report entitled 'Les Mangroves de l’outre-mer français : Écosystèmes associés aux récifs coralliens' (Mangroves of France overseas: Ecosystems associated with coral reefs) includes an analysis on recent evolution, biogeographical distribution, biodiversity and role of mangroves. It also identifies various threats such as natural pressures, climate change and anthropogenic pressures, and provides an overview of safeguards that are currently in place.

More information: http://www.iucn.org/about/union/secretariat/offices/europe/places/overseas/?7563/1/Mangroves-of-France-overseas

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