[Coral-List] Induction of coral larval metamorphosis by tetrabromopyrrole

Tilmann Harder t.harder at unsw.edu.au
Tue May 31 01:09:15 EDT 2011

Hi all, I just like to draw your attention to a new paper in PLoSOne, describing the isolation of a chemical inducer of acroprid coral larval metamorphosis from a Pseudoalteromonas bacterium associated with CCA.

Tebben J, Tapiolas DM, Motti CA, Abrego D, Negri AP, et al. (2011) Induction of Larval Metamorphosis of the Coral Acropora millepora by
Tetrabromopyrrole Isolated from a Pseudoalteromonas Bacterium. PLoS ONE 6(4): e19082.

Tilmann Harder

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