[Coral-List] Reef Research Needs

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Folks - but a little more realistic, and specific to the Florida Keys, how
about reef research that relates to:

ScienceDaily (Oct. 21, 2011) via the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
- "NOAA scientists have found that pressure from increasing coastal
populations, ship and boat groundings, marine debris, poaching, and climate
change are critically threatening the health of the Florida Keys ecosystem."

We seem to routinely identify and popularize threats but then fund
universities and others to carry out expensive research unrelated to the
problems we identify. 

Curtis Kruer 

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Its all very simple for those who think human behavior is the cause. 
Stop the mosquito spraying and half of the human population in the 
Florida Keys will clear out in a year or two. Most of the other 
recommendations only pick around the edges. Gene

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