[Coral-List] Reference on Galapagos grouper

Paolo usseglio usseglio at hawaii.edu
Tue Nov 8 19:00:37 EST 2011

Hi all,
I have been, very unsuccessfully, trying to locate the following reference: 

Coello and Grimm, 1993. S. Coello and A.S. Grimm, The reproductive biology of Mycteroperca olfax (Jenyns) (Pisces Serranidae): protoginy and breeding season. Rev. Cien. Mar. Limn. 3 (1993), pp. 115–128.

So far the databases provided by my university as well as other reference collections have failed to turn up the article. Does anyone have a copy of it?

Paolo Usseglio

Paolo usseglio
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