[Coral-List] Laboratory Technician opportunity: Next-Generation Sequencing libraries

Christian R. Voolstra christian.voolstra at kaust.edu.sa
Tue Nov 15 06:29:32 EST 2011

We are looking for a highly motivated, independent but team-oriented laboratory technical with a strong expertise in the preparation of Next Generation Sequencing libraries for the Illumina, 454, and SOLID platforms.

The successful candidate will join the Group of Prof. Christian R. Voolstra at the Red Sea Research Center of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and will be mainly responsible for the generation of high quality sequencing libraries from marine samples. This also includes the development, adaptation, and improvement of methods as well as validation of new procedures. Since the work with non-model organisms and difficult samples often requires the modification of existing protocols, we highly encourage experienced applicants with a proven molecular biology background and strong problem solving skills.

Job description:

   conduct sample preparation, quantification, and quality control
   Generate high quality sequencing libraries (PE and MP libraries) for genomic DNA, RNA-seq, small RNAs (Illumina, 454, SOLID)
   Quality assessment of respective libraries (qPCR)
   Analyze current process procedures and provide feedback for their optimization and improvement
   Consult on research projects with our in-house sequencing core facility
   Documenting processes and improvements to methods
   Develop, assess, and adapt new technologies, protocols, and software
   Conduct other laboratory work as needed
   Contribute to the writing of project proposals and manuscripts describing the methodology


   Completed education as a laboratory technician (Federal Certificate of Capacity, BSc or MSc) in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry or related field plus laboratory experience in nucleic acid research
> 1 year of experience with Next Generation Sequencing library construction (preferentially Illumina and/or 454)
   sound knowledge of molecular biology methods, protocols, and equipment (including RNA and DNA preparation, RNA and DNA quantification, PCR, qPCR and bead-based technologies).
   Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
   English proficiency
   Experience with bioinformatics analysis is a plus

KAUST is a dynamic new university campus and campus community in Saudi Arabia that opened in September 2009. The campus is located directly at the Red Sea, near Jeddah. More information is available at www.kaust.edu.sa. The position package includes a competitive base salary ($40k-$50k) as well as a benefits package that is further defined depending on applicant’s experience and duration of contract.

To apply: Please send cover letter summarizing your qualifications and interests, a curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information for 2 references to christian.voolstra at kaust.edu.sa and manuel.aranda at kaust.edu.sa. Applications that do not fulfill requirements outlined above will not be considered.

posting date: November 15, 2011 / closing date: December 20, 2011

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