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Chris Jeffrey chris.jeffrey at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 18 11:01:58 EST 2011

*Job Title:* Mapping Specialist
*Job Location*: Silver Spring, MD
*Job Type*: Full time Contract Position
*Company*: CSS-Dynamac** (http://www.consolidatedsafety.com/)
*Start Date*: Jan 2, 2011 or until filled
*Where To Apply*: https://jobs-consolidatedsafety.icims.com/jobs/1349/job
*Salary: $ *Negotiable (commensurate with experience)


A person with academic training in biological, earth, physical sciences, 
geography or spatial ecology is needed for a full-time contract position 
with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Center 
for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment (CCMA) Biogeography Branch. The 
Branch conducts ecological studies that map, characterize, assess, and 
model the spatial distributions and movements of estuarine and marine 
organisms across habitats throughout the United States and Island 
Territories. Applicants should have demonstrated experience in 
conducting spatial analysis in ESRI ArcGIS, and should be available for 
frequent travel to conduct ship-based mapping missions for periods of 
two to three weeks. Experience with Hypack/Hysweep, Konsgberg and Reson 
multibeam systems; NOAA Hydrographic Specifications and Deliverables; 
and habitat mapping are also desirable. The successful candidate will 
have the following core responsibilities.

1. Provide GIS and remote sensing support to projects developing benthic 
habitat maps of marine ecosystems:

  *     Develop cartographic products and metadata from spatial data
  *     Process and archive remotely sensed data (e.g. imagery) for
    distribution and storage
  *     Assist with acquisition of data or samples in field.

  2.Provide data management support to projects conducting ecological 
assessments of marine ecosystems:

  *     Assist with field mission preparation
  *     Perform quality assurance and control (QA/QC) on collected data
  *     Produce basic descriptive statistical summaries of collected data

*Essential Qualifications: *

  * Experience or academic training in Geographic Information Systems,
    especially ArcGIS and remote sensing software (e.g. ENVI or PCI)
  * Basic knowledge of statistics
  * Experience with acoustic acquisition and processing software, e.g.,
    Hypack and Caris
  * Familiarity acquiring acoustic data with Reson and Kongsberg
    multibeam systems
  * Sea worthiness and ability to travel for two-three week missions at
    sea multiple times a year
  * Keen attention to detail
  * Knowledge of marine science, biology, ecology, or geology
  * Good written and oral communication skills
  * Ability to learn quickly, work independently & collaboratively, and
    show initiative to solve technical problems

Preferred Qualifications:*

  * Experience or academic training in developing marine benthic habitat
    maps from remotely-sensed imagery
  * Experience with ArcGIS editing and the use of ArcGIS extensions such
    as Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Geospatial
    Modelling Environment, and MGET
  * Familiarity with LiDAR data processing
  * Experience coding in a high-level scientific language such as R,
    Matlab, or Python
  * Knowledge of Geostatistics and Spatial Statistical Modelling

*Where to Apply*: https://jobs-consolidatedsafety.icims.com/jobs/1349/job


Christopher F.G. Jeffrey, Ph.D

Project Manager, Scientific Programs
CSS-Dynamac (www.css-dynamac.com)

Scientific Minds. Common Sense Solutions


Marine Spatial Ecologist
NOAA National Ocean Service NCCOS | CCMA | Biogeography Branch
1305 East-West Hwy, SSMC-4, #9213, N/SCI-1
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3281

301.713.3028 x-134 (Tel) 301.713.4384 (Fax)


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