[Coral-List] $33B Hawaii Reef Economics Value

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 18 14:17:58 EST 2011

I would also like to thank those who have helped to expose the 
“devious nature” of the NOAA sponsored survey relating to the
perceived value of Hawaii’s coral reef ecosystem. Just reading 
the press release should be more than enough for even the most 
poorly educated among us to realize the sinister intentions of 
the covert evil doers. Thank goodness they were exposed for here
are just a few of the fraudulent, deceitful and unsupportable 
misrepresentations of the truth that they attempted to support 
in promoting their insidious plot: 

“The study shows that people from across the United States treasure
Hawaii’s coral reefs”.

“It illustrates the economic value of coral reefs to all Americans, 
and how important it is to conserve these ecosystems for future 

“Despite their economic significance, reefs near urbanized areas, 
such as Honolulu, Wailuku, and Kahului, have experienced increasing 
stress from ever-increasing population and other pressures”.

“It also demonstrates that coral reefs provide valuable ecological 
services for U.S. residents, regardless of whether they actually use them”.

The fact is that the dollar amounts applied may well be questionable, but the 
conclusions drawn are appropriate, important and long over due for public consideration. 


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