[Coral-List] UNEP-CEP project on building MPA capacity of the islands associate to the Caribbean Challenge: Second Annual Meeting

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Subject: UNEP-CEP project on building MPA capacity of the islands associate
to the Caribbean Challenge: Second Annual Meeting


Last November 4th, the focal points, partners  and coordinating team of the
UNEP-CEP project “Regional support for the Caribbean Challenge initiative:
Networking, consolidation and regional coordination of MPA management"
(coordinated by CAMPAM) had its Second Project Update meeting in Puerto
Morelos, as part of the Gulf and Caribbean fisheries Institute Annual
Conference activities.


Information on project activities was shared and actively discussed, and
recommendations were made to better implement the oncoming project
activities and accomplish its objectives. 


On behalf of UNEP-CEP, and its SPAW Regional Activity Center and CaMPAM
Network and Forum, we would like to acknowledge the presentation and input
of marine environmental managers from The Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, St.
Lucia, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Dominican Republic and St.
Vincent and the Grenadines, the 8 islands associated to the Caribbean
Challenge. In addition,  almost 15 experts from partner organizations (GCFI,
TNC, CERMES, NOAA, etc.) who presented information of their relevant
projects. All provided input and good ideas to improve the project
activities and identify areas of future collaboration. 


We are also grateful to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for its
financial support to this project (see
http://campam.gcfi.org/campam.php#CarChall  for more information) as well as
the Puerto Morelos National Marine Park director who hosted a visit to the
park and exchange with its staff and representatives of the local
fishing/tourism community. The wonderful snorkeling at the barrier reef was
joyful and instructive. It was great to see healthy Acropora stands and
abundant fish.



Georgina Bustamante, project coordinator


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