[Coral-List] Ocean adification and biomineralization of otoliths

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This may be of interest:
Fablet, R., L. Pecquerie, et al. (2011). "Shedding Light on Fish Otolith
Biomineralization Using a Bioenergetic Approach." PLoS ONE 6(11): e27055.
    Otoliths are biocalcified bodies connected to the sensory system in the
inner ears of fish. Their layered, biorhythm-following formation provides
individual records of the age, the individual history and the natural
environment of extinct and living fish species. Such data are critical for
ecosystem and fisheries monitoring. They however often lack validation and
the poor understanding of biomineralization mechanisms has led to striking
examples of misinterpretations and subsequent erroneous conclusions in fish
ecology and fisheries management. Here we develop and validate a numerical
model of otolith biomineralization. Based on a general bioenergetic theory,
it disentangles the complex interplay between metabolic and temperature
effects on biomineralization. This model resolves controversial issues and
explains poorly understood observations of otolith formation. It represents
a unique simulation tool to improve otolith interpretation and
applications, and, beyond, to address the effects of both climate change
and ocean acidification on other biomineralizing organisms such as corals
and bivalves.

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 9:59 PM, Rudy Bonn <rudy_bonn at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Just curious, since now we use ototliths instead of scales, giving away my
> age I guess,
>  on life
> l
>  history studies, aging ,and others, in teleosts ,hich Ive read that the
> otoliths are composed of arognite  in terms of fishery management, how are
> we going to deal with  the implications  that  arogonite, being the
> fundamental compontent  of biomineralization processes in otolith formation
> how are we going to use otolith intepretation as a means
> to introduce fishery management practices.  that interpretation could be
> flawed due to ocean acidification processes on otolith biomineralization
> anyone want to a look at that or as anyone taken a peek at that, I would
> like to know
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