[Coral-List] karyotype of Porites spp.?

Jean-François Flot jean-francois.flot at fundp.ac.be
Mon Nov 21 10:51:06 EST 2011

Dear Carly,

To the best of my knowledge, the only poritid species that was 
karyotyped so far is Goniopora lobata (2n=28). The reference is Heyward 
AJ (1985) Chromosomes of the coral Goniopora lobata (Anthozoa: 
Scleractinia). Heredity 55:269-271.
You may find other useful references in my paper entitled "Comparative 
coral cytogenetics" in the proceedings of the 10th ICRS (the PDF is 
accessible online at 

Best regards,

Le 21/11/2011 15:53, Carly Kenkel a écrit :
> Dear Listers,
> I'm wondering if anyone knows the karyotype of Porites astreoides
> (actually, information on the karyotype of any species of Poritid would be
> helpful).  So far, I haven't been able to find any publications with this
> information, and before I spend time tackling the problem myself, I thought
> I'd ask.
> Thanks for your help!
> Carly Kenkel
> Graduate Student
> Dept of Integrative Biology
> The Univ of Texas at Austin
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