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martin pecheux martin.pecheux at free.fr
Wed Nov 30 18:21:56 EST 2011

Dear Douglas,

You are perfectly right in that CO2 from flights is a problem. I sometime think of Maldives which need dive tourists in the same time their flight CO2, through ocean acidification first and global warming, kill all their beautiful reefs, or the few remaining.

The best now is encourage carbon compensation (I suppose that in a decade or two, it will be obligatory, may be even later with quota). The best Web site is from all points of view (Swiss/International independent organization, kind of projects, easy Web site)  :


(there is also www.donationshop.org, and www.treesfortravel.info, but what to do with woods at end ? The other sites are of flight companies).

I do the calculation for my (rare travel) for the 12th ICRS travel from Paris to Cairns. Through Singapoor, I will emit 6.677 tonnes CO2, but I will pay 163€ to compensate, that's OK. I think this must be strongly recommended for the ICRS participants. I calculate that, would the seawater pH be kept constant, very crudely all the CO2 would dissolve a 5 meters high x 100 m x100 m of reefal CaCO3, a good patch reef.

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