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The American Samoan Government is soliciting candidates for the Marine
Protected Area Network Specialist (MPA Specialist), working within the
Governor’s Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG). The Coral Reef Initiative
Coordinator is the direct supervisor and will be heavily involved in
the day-to-day efforts, as well as the integration of CRAG’s programs
with other ongoing federal and territorial efforts, including the
Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary, American Samoa National Parks,
and other CRAG activities.  The Chief Fishery Biologist of DMWR will
act as a co-supervisor with particular focus concerning the ongoing
Community-based Fishery Management Program and No-Take Program.  The
MPA Specialist will be housed at the Department of Commerce (DoC), yet
will work for all of the CRAG agencies rather than any particular one.
 As such, the Network Specialist will report to the primary agencies
of the Territorial MPA Network and keep them informed of ongoing

General Description

The Marine Protected Area Network Specialist will build-upon and
assist the managed marine network areas as well as implement sections
of the American Samoa Marine Protected Area Network Strategy (MPA
Network Strategy). The agencies that constitute the MPA Network
include the American Samoa Department of Commerce (ASDOC), Department
of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR), National Park of American
Samoa (NPAS), Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary (FBNMS), American
Samoa Coastal Management Program (ASCMP), American Samoa Environmental
Protection Agency (ASEPA), American Samoa Community College (ASCC),
Department of Parks and Recreation (ASDPR), and the Office of Samoan

The MPA Network Strategy was developed to link MPA programs and
agencies together to be more effective and efficient given each
programs’ mandates, resources and funding through enhanced
on-the-ground implementation, integration of education, research and
monitoring, enforcement, and program administration.  The goal of the
MPA Network Strategy is to enhance existing MPAs and to develop a
network of MPAs to ensure the long-term health and sustainable use of
the Territory’s coral reef resources. The MPA Network Strategy
includes capacity building and training programs and performance
measures that monitor the progress and success of the network, and
will also serve to facilitate, support and enhance the designation and
management of no-take MPAs that will protect 20% of the Territory’s
coral reef ecosystems. Additionally, the Coral Reef Initiative
Coordinator and the Chief Fishery Biologist of DMWR shall jointly
coordinate the efforts of the MPA Network to contribute to the ongoing
Two Samoas Initiative.

The MPA Network Specialist, working collaboratively with the MPA
network team and other local interested stakeholders, will be
responsible for implementing a wide array of protection and management
tasks, including the following:

General responsibilities:

•        Assist in the bio-reconnaissance surveys and initial
monitoring of sites in the  No-Take Marine Protected Area Program;
•        Assist with specific activities surrounding the designation
of new ‘no-take areas’ through collaboration between DMWR and the
communities in American Samoa
•        Ensure that the local MPA efforts are in line with the
National Framework of MPAs and that the locally established MPAs are
listed as part of the National System of MPAs
•        Serve as a point of contact in coordinating MPA activities
between American Samoa and the Independent State of Samoa under the
Two Samoa Initiative to support the development of an archipelagic
network of co-managed MPAs;
•        Coordinate regular MPA Network meetings and  update all
member agencies with minutes of the meetings as well as information of
upcoming activities and funding opportunities etc.
•        Serve as the liaison for MPA related requests for information
from off island.  Provide coordination between the territorial and
federally managed MPAs to implement the activities and tasks laid out
in the MPA Network Strategy;
•        Provide progress reports of the accomplishments to the MPA
Network member agencies;
•        Oversee periodic and regular evaluations of the MPA Network
Strategy and integrate feedback and necessary adaptive changes into
the Network when necessary;
•        Develop projects to support the implementation activities for
the designated network of MPAs.

Qualifications and Experience:

The Government of American Samoa is seeking a highly skilled
professional with exceptional collaborative skills, a background in
marine biology, natural resources, education or policy, and
demonstrated leadership skills, to initiate and oversee the
implementation of the MPA Network Strategy. The ideal candidate should
meet the following criteria:

* Demonstrated technical understanding and experience working with all
aspects of marine protected area management and program evaluation;
* Expert knowledge and understanding of coral reef ecosystems as well
as marine policy, science and education;
* Working knowledge and demonstrated experience of experimental and
survey design;
* Experience in resource evaluation and monitoring, particularly reef
fish and benthic resources;
* Proven capacity to work with, and enhance relationships with, a
diverse group of stakeholders including communities, government agency
staff, researchers, educators, and enforcement personnel;
* Experience living and working in another culture, preferably a
Pacific island community;
* SCUBA certified;
* Competency with basic computer skills including word processing,
development of spreadsheets and presentations and preferably GIS
* Excellent oral and written communication skills in English,
including experience with writing and successfully acquiring grants;
* Experience in coordinating meetings and management groups preferably
with an emphasis on effective resource management;
* Experience in developing recommendations and preparing clear and
well-organized reports;
* Strong interpersonal, listening and facilitation skills;
* Experience in management;
* The individual should be highly organized, communicative, and
self-motivated; and
* Proven ability to work effectively and collaboratively as a member
of a team and to effectively prioritize workloads.

To Apply

Applicants must send a cover letter and a curriculum vitae with three
references that include current supervisor and their contact details
(phone numbers and email addresses) by Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011.
Applicants should email these documents to hideyo.hattori at doc.as with
email subject MPA Coordinator Position. Only short-listed applicants
will be contacted for interviews.

Hideyo Christian Hattori
Coral Reef Initiative Coordinator
Coral Reef Advisory Group
Department of Commerce
Executive Office Building, 2nd Floor
Utulei, American Samoa 96799
Phone: (684) 633-3118
Fax: (684) 633-4195

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