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Amber Stubler astubler at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 14:56:21 EDT 2011

MAR388: Tropical Marine Ecology through Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University is offering a Tropical Marine Ecology class this
winter session open to all undergraduate or graduate students who want to
learn more about marine ecology. This travel course to the Discovery Bay
Marine Lab in Jamaica is designed to literally
immerse the students in marine ecology; and with the marine lab's unique
location, expose students to typical Caribbean organisms and habitats (coral
reefs, sea grass meadows and mangrove forests) found within tropical marine
coral reef ecosystems. The course consists of formal lectures,
demonstrations and instructor-led field trips and involves snorkeling, SCUBA
diving, reef-walking and underwater photography. Students will develop
individual research projects requiring field observations and collecting
data and will write a research proposal and final research papers.  Be part
of our seventh year!  Check out the class website (
and class blog (tropical.blogs.com) for a feel of what the class is all
about. The dates for this upcoming trip are January 4-20th, 2012.

If you have students (undergraduate or graduate) who would be interested in
participating in this course, please contact  bpeterson at notes.cc.sunysb.eduor
jwarren at notes.cc.sunysb.edu for more information.

Amber D. Stubler
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University

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