[Coral-List] Reef research needs

Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Thu Oct 20 14:13:41 EDT 2011

Much of the recommendations so far seem to revolve around some form 
of social engineering. Why is there so little concern about they way 
we saturate the  Florida Keys with aircraft delivered mosquito sprays 
the composition and effects of which is known only to the pesticide 
manufacturer. If the spray does not affect insects other than 
mosquitoes then why are places like the Fla Keys Marine Laboratory 
and other sensitive areas avoided?
If there were genuine concern we would all be clamoring for bioassays 
to determine if these toxic chemicals are slowly eating away at the 
onshore ecosystem and offshore coral reefs. To quote Denny Hubbard, 
"If you get on the wrong bus then every stop is the wrong stop" Gene

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