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    Applications  are  invited for the  position  of Programme Operations
   Assistant 2011-2012 at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute based at the
   Little  Cayman Research Centre.  Full announcement and CCMI Scientific
   Mission can be found on our webpage

   [1] [1]http://www.reefresearch.org/ccmi_website/jobs.htm

   CCMI Programme Operations Assistant 2011-2012
   Little Cayman Research Centre, Cayman Islands

   The  Central Caribbean Marine Institute has an immediate opening for a
   Programme  Operations  Assistant  to coordinate education and research
   activities at the Little Cayman Research Centre.

   We seek a well-organized individual who is an excellent communicator with a
   MSc. degree in marine science and a divemaster level certification.  The
   assistant should have experience in coral reef research protocols, basic
   underwater photography skills, and the ability to compile large databases.
   He/she  will  have a unique opportunity of gaining field and education
   experience both with CCMI projects and visiting students.

   The  position is a physically demanding position.  All assistants will
   contribute to the daily task of running a remote field research station and
   will participate in the weekly cleaning at the field station.

   The Programme Operations Assistant reports directly to the Director of

   Education Responsibilities include:
     * Lead instructor for all local K-12 programs (Ocean Literacy, Eco-Course
       Programs, Sea Camp) for kids and teacher workshops.
     * Teaching Assistant for all CCMI college courses.
     * Assist college students with field research internships.
     * Assist with promoting programmes and recruiting students.

   ·         Compile all teaching materials to an Annual Programme Disk.


   ·         Establish a high-profile local (Little Cayman) communications and
   volunteer effort that disseminates information to local resorts and to the
   broad CCMI network.
   ·         Lead conservation efforts providing information on important
   local topics including the lionfish invasion, grouper aggregation, and
   climate stress.  Activities include
   o    Organising the Reef Report lecture series offering monthly talks and
   activities at the field station and in Grand Cayman
   o    Maintaining the Dollar-a-Dive campaign on Little Cayman,
   o    Weekly talks at local resorts,
   o    Managing our Facebook, and
   o    Post new videos on YouTube.

   Reports and Other Responsibilities
   ·          Prepare  Quarterly  Education newsletter and monthly press
   releases.  Document the activities with photographs and videos, survey
   results,  testimonials, and summaries of each of the local educational
   programs carried out at the Little Cayman Research.
     * Complete  a  final  Education and Outreach Report for sponsors and
       Executive Board at the end of the season (August 15) with an assessment
       of the entry and exit knowledge gained by programme participants.

   ·         Work with lead scientists to organize the annual Researchers
   Workshop for scientists, reef managers, and graduate students. (4 -5 day
   ·          When  available assist Lionfish Programme Coordinator with
   afternoon surveys.
   ·         Assist the Director of Operations as needed on facility projects,
   tasks or maintenance

   The  CCMI  Programme  Operations  Assistant should have prior relevant
   experience  in  coral  reef  biology  research  as  well  as excellent
   communications and writing skills. The assistant should have data collection
   skills and be capable of working independently on a small remote island.
   Dive Master Certification required.  Hold an MSc degree in a marine related
   science.  Construction / Mechanical skills a plus.

   6 days/week, full-time. 6-12 months beginning November â December 2011
   Benefits: Room and Board at the research station (shared accommodations) and
   a moderate stipend per month. Travel reimbursement $500.

   Interested candidates should submit a single pdf file with a letter of
   interest  and  a  CV  accompanied  by copies of two references.   Send
   applications    via    email    FAO:    Dr    Carrie    Manfrino    at
   [2]ccmiapplications at reefresearch.org.   CCMI  Is  an equal opportunity
   employer, appointments are made regardless of nationality.

   Caribbean Field Station: Little Cayman Research Centre, North Coast Road, PO
   Box 37, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands,  KY3- 2005.  Manager: Rob Hedges,
   (345) 9948-1094, 321-8732.

   Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)
   "Sustaining   marine  biodiversity  through  research,  education  and



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