[Coral-List] Marine geomorphology papers in 'The Professional Geographer'

Todd Kellison todd.kellison at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 26 08:19:22 EDT 2011

All --

With apologies for cross-postings:

Given that the journal /The Professional Geographer/ may not be on your 
frequent-reading list, I'm writing to draw your attention to a recently 
published focus section, "Marine Geomorphology as a Determinant for 
Essential Life Habitat and Marine Protected Area Design 
<http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rtpg20/current>" (Volume 63, Issue 4), 
guest edited by William Heyman and Dawn Wright and including the 
following papers:

*Marine Geomorphology in the Design of Marine Reserve Networks*
William D. Heyman & Dawn J. Wright

*Geomorphic Characterization of Reef Fish Aggregation Sites in the Upper 
Florida Keys, USA, Using Single-Beam Acoustics*
Arthur C. R. Gleason, G. Todd Kellison & R. Pamela Reid

*Groupers on the Edge: Shelf Edge Spawning Habitat in and Around Marine 
Reserves of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico*
Felicia C. Coleman, Kathryn M. Scanlon & Christopher C. Koenig

*Elements for Building a Participatory, Ecosystem-Based Marine Reserve 
William D. Heyman

*A GIS-Based Tool for Representing Larval Dispersal for Marine Reserve 
Douglas T. Fischer, J. Wilson White, Louis W. Botsford, John Largier & 
David M. Kaplan

Best regards,

Todd Kellison
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